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Baronial Candidates

Ulrich and Thomasette
Lord Ulrich Eisenhart
Lady Thomasette de Harfleur

(Scott and TJ Wright)
Antonia and Collette
The Honorable Lady Antonia Lavinia Maria Toscano
Lady Collette de Valois

(Pam Holwerda and Kayleigh Cull)
Istvan and Malise
The Honerable Lord Istvan Valkai
Lady Malise ingan Cormack

(Charles Stefanich and Kim Ward)
Gilebert and Helena
Lord Gilebert le braceeur de Dijon, Sergeant of the Red Company
The Honorable Lady Helena Sibylla

(Larry and Martha Sieting)
Edward and Geniveve Rose
Thegn Edward Aelredson
Bannthegn Geniveve Rose de Glendalough (called GenRose)

(Ed and Patresha Roehre)