Baronial Missive, Januarly 8, 2015

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To all the Good and Noble People of our Barony of Andelcrag do We, Antonia and Collette send greetings.
The Yuletide season has come and gone, and we look forward to the Winter and its cozy offerings.
In Our Barony, We have a few Winter events that We encourage all of Our baronial members to attend:

Three Walls- Winter Revel, January 17-18, 2015
Three Hills- St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, February 14th, 2015**
**We are encouraging the wearing of Red, Pink, or ‘Honey Garb’ to Val Day this year, as it falls directly on Valentine’s Day**

Please let Us know if any other events need to be added to the calendar.

Winters in Our Baronial lands are harsh. The Great Lake we take care of on behalf of the Crown loves to stir up the snow. Please be cautious when traveling to events and practices- We want all of Our populace to be safe and sound!

Winter is a wonderful time to be working on increasing our knowledge through the Arts and Sciences. Pentamere Regional A&S Faire will be held on April 18th, 2015. If anyone has any questions regarding entrance, please contact Us or Our Baronial Arts and Sciences Champion, THL Helena Sibylla. We would be happy to guide newcomers to the process of entering the Faire or to offer guidance to veteran entrants. Let’s show the Midrealm the beautiful artworks and research that the members of the Barony of Andelcrag is graced with!

As a reminder, We would like to encourage the members of the populace to attend their monthly business meetings. All members are welcome to share their input at these meetings and the meetings offer insight into the workings of our non-profit organization.

We are also in need of your suggestions for those whom you feel deserve awards, whether they be Baronial or Kingdom. If you know someone whom you feel deserves an award please email Us at: Please include the person’s SCA name, modern name, group, the award(s) you think the person is deserving of and why you think they should have it. We look to our populace to help us in finding people who are worthy of accolades.

In Service to the Barony of Andelcrag-
Baroness Antonia and Baroness Collette