Baronial Missive, March 5, 2015

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To all the Good and Noble People of our Barony of Andelcrag do We, Antonia and Collette send greetings.

We hope this missive finds you well, snug and secure in your manors while waiting for spring to arrive.

Spring brings forth Our Baronial Althing and the choosing of Our Armored, Rapier and Arts and Sciences Champions at the Andelcrag Althing and It’s All Fun and Games to be held on April 25th, 2015.

Those wishing to offer service to the Barony as a Champion...

We would ask that those wishing to be Our A&S champion please bring 3 entries from 3 of the A&S faire divisions with basic documentation. Information on the A&S divisions can be found at: . The projects/research should have been completed in the last year. If possible, We would ask that one of the entries be something that supports the fighting arts, i.e. a jupon, banners, arming coif, leather or metal work for armor, scrolls/scroll blanks for fighting awards, arrows, a fencing cloak etc. (As this missive comes with not much notice this is not a requirement for this year, but it will be expected for next year’s potential champions.) Also, We would like potential candidates to give a brief demonstration of one of their projects. We would also request that if Our A&S champion is attending Pennsic that they try to either teach a class, have an item for display at the known world A&S display or do a volunteer shift at A&S Point or Pennsic University.

Armored and Rapier combatants will be asked to fight against the current champions and Baroness Collette as a part of the tournament. We ask that those vying for those championships to also bring an A&S entry (with basic documentation) to display. The tourneys for Armored and Rapier combat are being determined by the current champions, Sergeant Gilbert le braceeur and The Honorable Lady Amanita Villarosa.

We would encourage that those vying for position of Champion to attend Pennsic, however it is not required.

If you are interested in serving as a Baronial Champion for Armored combat, Rapier combat, or the Arts and Sciences, please email or give us a short letter of intent by April 15th.

Our Archery champion will be chosen at Border War 2015.

We are looking forward to holding Court at The Baronial Althing. We need your suggestions for those whom you feel deserve awards. If you know someone whom you feel deserves an award please email Us at: Please include the person’s SCA name, modern name, group, the award/s you think the person is deserving of and why you think they should have it. We look to our populace to help us in finding people who are worthy of accolades.

The Barony is currently supporting several A&S projects for the Kingdom. The first is a Silent Auction fund raiser to be held at Spring Coronation. We are looking for artisans willing to donate items or their time- such items could include tablet woven bands, leather crafted items, period jewelry, or even an offer of teaching a class or lend a hand for a day. The second project is an embroidered favor project for Pennsic this year, for Their Majesties. If you would like to participate in either of these endeavors, please speak to Us directly or email Us at

Lastly… although it is early, there is talk of war late this summer. If you reside in the Barony you are most welcome to camp with the Barony at Pennsic. More details will be available in late March.

In Service, Antonia and Collette