How to submit articles and artwork to Artes Draconis:

Read these guidelines please and fill out the release form located elsewhere in this issue. This release form is required for both articles and artwork. A letter or email message giving permission to print is insufficient. Do not retype or rewrite the release form; its language is specific and standardized.

Enclose a clear, typed or laser-printed copy of your article. Please donít use decorative typefaces, they are difficult to read and often do not translate accurately from computer to computer. Courier and Garamond are easy to read and scan, and are nearly universal. Print one-sided copies only. Be sure to enclose original or high-quality reproductions of any artwork or illustrations for your article. If you cite sources, you must provide a bibliography with this information: author or editor, title, publisher, place of publication, date of publication, and ISBN if available. Consult a good stylebook for variations from monographic print material citations (like citing web pages, email or telephone conversations, etc.).

Electronic copy: If your article is available electronically, please enclose a 3.5Ē diskette (IBM preferred) with your modern name and phone number, as well as the filename and format of each file. Compatible formats include MS Word, Corel WordPerfect, RTF and ASCII text. Please donít use automatic formatting in your document, send a hard copy printout with your diskette formatted the way you wish, so that there is a backup in case the diskette is damaged in transit. E-copy can also be sent in an attachment, in MS Word, Corel WP, RTF or ASCII formats to the following address: (5mg maximum file size, split things if necessary please) Hard copies of the release form must be sent via regular mail.

Artwork should be submitted in dense, black ink on opaque white paper. Clear photocopies of original material are also acceptable. Contact the editor if you are interested in producing a cover or interior art. Please indicate the source of any illustrations that have been previously published.

Computer-generated artwork should be submitted as separate files, not as graphics placed within the text of a file. Acceptable formats include TIFF, PICT, JPEG, BITMAP. More detailed guidelines available from the editor; please enquire. As with text submissions, please submit a hard copy. This is a backup in case the diskette or attachment is damaged and tells the editor what your computer thinks the artwork looks like.

Mail your submission(s) and release forms to:

chronicler at midrealm dot org