I have received a gracious invitation from Sir Giovanni to host weeknight fighter practices at his back yard.

Heavy Weapons Combat Site Requirements:
All are invited.
1. To participate in Heavy Weapons Combat, proof of current SCA membership is required.
2. To participate in Heavy Weapons Combat, you must have read and understand the rules of the list and conventions of combat for the Middle Kingdom and the SCA Inc.
We will gladly help anyone meet the above requirements.

Please also note that we will help those working towards becoming a Marshal of the Field. To that end, we will offer training in various styles of combat (note that a minimum of two authorizations are required to become an MIT). We will also offer training in the more mundane aspects of the position (e.g. preparing for the examination, performing inspections, melee marshaling, reporting and so forth).

Scheduling and Notification:
I will send weekly updates via the Aurea Ripae Yahoo Group. Note that given my current work schedule, the day of the week will be flexible. I will make every effort to give timely notifications, but be advised that last minute changes or cancellations are possible.

Check the Aurea Ripae Yahoo Group ahead of time for cancellations, as well as checking with the National Weather Service for weather information.

Contact me if you are interested in receiving a cancellation notice via Email, text message, telephone, or other.

These conditions will cause an IMMEDIATE cancellation of arms practice:
1) SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WARNING for Vanderburgh County, IN.
2) TORNADO WARNING for Vanderburgh County, IN.
3) If LIGHTNING is seen during practice, practice will be halted IMMEDIATELY.
4) Other Hazardous conditions.

Come out and Play!