Ayreton Heraldic Offices Page

Updated September 9, 2014

Welcome to the office of of the Baronial Pursuivant of Ayreton, here you will find information about the Baronial heraldic officers, Baronial Awards and Orders, a listing of the recipients of those Awards and Orders, a link to the Online Baronial Award Recommendation System
as well as information about our Baronial Signet.

The Pursuivant (A local groups herald) is responsible for the heraldic aspects of the group they serve. In the Barony of Ayreton this includes assisting with the submission of names and devices, organizing the Order of Precedence for the group, serving as the voice of Their Excellencies in Court, as well as acting as the voice of the populace to Their Excellencies as is needed by the populace and reporting to the Regional and Kingdom Heraldic Officers.

Ayreton Heraldic Officers

Ayreton Pursuivant (Ayreton herald)

Lady Berngard Solgai, called Moose
(Dori Becker)

danceswithwords42 at yahoo dot com

Deputy Ayreton Pursuivant

Position Open

Ayreton Signet (Chief Scribe of The Barony)

The Honorable Lord Ercc Glaison
(Anthony Satoh)

Ercc.Glaison at gmail dot com

Deputy Ayreton Signet

Position Open

Baronial Heraldic Resources