Ayreton Militia Purpose

Updated May 13, 2014

Purpose of the Ayreton Militia:
  1. To promote melee fighting skills, including:

    1. Command and Control
    2. An appreciation of medieval tactics and strategy
    3. Physical combat skills

  2. To Promote Ayreton fellowship by:

    1. Meeting with other area fighters
    2. Exchanging ideas and materials
    3. Encourage a sense of belonging for barony members

  3. The creation of a vital and useful military unit that will:

    1. Allow everyone to have fun
    2. Demonstrate the skills of our area fighters
    3. Promote increased visibility for Ayreton fighters and the Barony at large

  4. Assumptions and Codes

    1. We want to make it fun and beneficial for everyone to play, but no one is required to
    2. We will NOT adopt a particular style of unit, such as shield wall, flanking unit, etc
    3. We will allow individual fighters to play with their own weapons of choice, blending them into the larger unit and scheme

      1. We do strongly encourage the use of large shields, pole arms, and spears

  5. Command lessons should people skills and an ability to enjoy as well as lead

    1. Safety outweighs all other concerns
    2. Anyone being rude or disruptive should be dealt with quietly, to the side, by the unit leaders
    3. Our honor is our own, none may carry it but ourselves.

  6. Fighting Doctrine

    1. We will promote a generalized unit capable of filling multiple roles on and off the battlefield.
    2. If possible, we would love to have combat archers and siege crew as part of the unit
    3. The basic element of our unit will be the lance

      1. A lance is a group of 3-5 fighters
      2. Lances should be flexible enough to allow for interchangeable roles and personnel
      3. Lances should be able to form and maneuver quickly on the field

    4. All encouraged to learn the standard command and control structure used by the Middle Kingdom
      Army, These include but are not limited to:

      1. Advance
      2. Charge
      3. Fall Back
      4. Fast Advance
      5. Form Up