Award & Order Recipients

Updated May 13, 2014

Not sure if someone you know has received recognition for their efforts? Check out this list of Award and Order Recipients to be sure. Ayreton Awards can be given frequently and for many things, but a person may only be inducted into an Order once.

Order of Réalta Ríáin (Order of Riain’s Star)

Emma of Foxvale

Order of Atlas

Alexander de Seton
Alan Fairfax
Cerian Cantwr
Acelina of Derelei
Etienne le Couteau des Roches
Phillip White
Richard de Scolay
Sarafina Sinclair
Hillary of Langford
Gareth Ostwestly

Order of Ursis

Seamus MacBain
Gwynneth verch Ieuan
Alexandru Vladescu
Guy Dawkins of Stockley
Guerric de Wilde Fuchs
Gareth Ostweslty
Thomas Penyngton

Order of Leo

Jocelyn of Lutterworth
Ercc Glaison
Athelwulf of Dover
Elaine Ladd

Award of the Pleiades

Liam of Galway
Susannah the Short
Kevin Amberjowski
Phoebe Bonadici
Byrgithe Müller
Elianora Saunfayle

The Pippins