Baronial Border War 32

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Camping Policies

If you intend on arriving before noon on Friday, please contact the Park Ranger to see if there are any campsites open. If you intend to arrive after site opens, you may not reserve a campsite, they are "first come, first served". As always, you may not camp in a picnic area until the site officially opens at noon on Friday.

Also as in years past, NO DIGGING FIRE PITS - Ground Fires are not allowed anywhere in the park, please use the fire rings provided. Elevated fire pits are allowed. To limit the spreadof the Emerald Ash Borer, DO NOT TRANSPORT FIREWOOD into Ionia County. Please remember to pay in the paytube for any firewood. Wood is $5 a bundle.

Consumption of alcoholic beverages is permitted at this site in concurrence with state and local laws. If you wish to drink at this event, you will be required to prove your age at Troll. Unattended alcohol will be confiscated. Minors consuming alcohol will result in a call to mundane authorities.

Consumption of Medical Marijuana is absolutely prohibited in the County Park per Michigan State Law 333.26427 Sec 7.3B. If you are caught consuming marijuana within Bertha Brock Park, including in your car or tent, you will be asked to leave the event immediately.

Handicap access is SEVERELY limited. This is a primitive site! We will be providing handicap port-a-potties but if you have any other special requirements, please contact the Autocrat as soon as possible!. Palmer Lodge will not be open to the public between 9 pm and 9 am, no exceptions.

Quiet hours begin at 2 AM. Dogs that bark after quiet hours will be asked to leave site along with their owners. Parties and party-goers will be asked to quiet down at that time as well.

Dogs will be required to be registered with Troll. You will be asked to fill out an information sheet on each dog and your dog will be required to wear a tag on their collar. We ask that all dogs be restrained on a leash at all times, and that you please be polite and pick up after or bury any dog waste. Aggressive dog behavior will not be tolerated. If your dog acts aggressively, you will be asked to remove it from the site entirely!

All campers must be off site by noon on Sunday. Anyone on site after noon Sunday may be charged additional fees by the Park Ranger. We appreciate your cooperation.

Questions? Contact the Webministress: .
Last updated 6 February 2015.