Baronial Border War 32

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Caitlin's Cloaks
Ladies and men's garb. Tunics, pants, cloaks, dresses, chemises, middle eastern garb and sundry table items

Dragon Skin Leather Works
Leather belts, garb, jewelry, accessories, and stuff

Wyrm Tale Press
Charming fairy tale books

Leather belts and pouches, tools, accessories, rivets and repair.

Front Door Herbal
Soaps, incense, salts, jewelry herbal goodies

Leather Knight
Various leather goods including pouches, belts, tankard straps, bracers and other leather goods.

Field of Honor Armor
Chaine mail armor, Waxed leather brigandine armor, heavy duty belt pouches, belts, hand made books, assorted other leather goods, and NOW handmade cabochon jewlrey.

Viking Archery Supply

Archery supplies, Bowstrings, arrows, bows, gloves, armguards, quivers and more

Clothing, Jewelry, knives, Swords, misc.

Clothing, jewelry, and items for your SCA household

House of Chaos Productions
Beads, jewelry making supplies, jewelry and small sewn items.

Fabric by the yard, some trims by the yard, belt bags and drawstring bags, beaded suncatchers and other items, miscellaneous feast gear Badgeredge
Camping/ feast wares. cooking knives,seaxs, A sorted of knives and leather pouches

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Last updated 3 May 2015.