Baronial Border War 31

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A&S Display
Sportsman's Lodge
The display will begin at 10 am on Saturday. Populace members can pick up their items between 3 and 4 pm on Saturday. Novice-entry level documentation is encouraged (who, what, when, where, how, why) but not required. People coming to pick up their entries after 4pm will not be allowed in the Lodge until Their Majesties are done preparing for Court. Contact Mistress Ilaria with any inquiries

A&S Materials Adoption Event
Sportsman's Lodge
Here's a chance to rehome your extra materials and unwanted tools! If you have extra tools, books, or supplies that you just don't use anymore, bring them to the Sportsman's Lodge (by the battlefield) and put them on the table so that someone else can give them a new home! Anything on the table is free to take, and anything left over at the end of the day will be taken to Goodwill (so if you really want it to go to SCAdian, make sure you pick it up after Court!) Please only bring USEABLE items, and please, no clothing, but fabric is welcomed. The Lodge may be closed for a short time before Court if we have Royalty attend. Questions:

12pm - 1pm
Refreshing Beverage Competition
Mistress Ilaria is hosting a refreshing beverage competition at her round tent near the heavy fighting battle field. Drop off items any time in the morning between 8 am to Noon. There will be an accessible cooler with ice for this purpose. Who will be drinking your beverage? The esteemed panel of judges and other entrants to the competition are welcome to partake. If you entered the competition, have a seat and partake in the refreshments and camaraderie at Noon. If you don’t want to be present while other people partake, that is fine as well. Feel free to pick up your bottles / containers after the competition ends, between 1 and 2 pm.

Points will be tallied by a panel of judges, based on the following criteria:

  • What is it? 1 point
    Nobody likes drinking a mystery beverage. Please, truly please, tell us what this is and if your beverage has alcohol, wheat, or dairy in it.
  • Documentation 0-5 Points
    Is your beverage recipe sourced from an extant manuscript from a pre-1600 source? Can you use reason to justify the consumption of this beverage in our time period and the ingredients you used if no recipes exist? Did you translate it yourself? Redact it yourself?
  • Recipe 3 points
    What ingredients and how much of each did you use to make your beverage?
  • Deliciousness 0-10 points
    Would the judge want to drink this every day? Is the beverage refreshing?
The documentation can be given orally as well (you can explain it to our panel). Ilaria will have forms available at her tent. A prize will be given for the top-scoring beverage!! More than one entry per entrant is acceptable. The form will have the following information on it. Also, feel free to write this before you come to the event, or use the form provided during the competition.
  • Name of entrant:
  • What is this beverage?
  • Please describe your source for this beverage (documentation points).
  • Please list your recipe here:

For questions, contact Mistress Ilaria:

2pm - 5pm
Scribes Mingle
Scribes from throughout the Middle Kingdom, come and mingle! Rest your weary hands and fingers. Wet your parched lips, fill your empty stomachs, and rest your tired.... well, we scribes do a lot of sitting, but you can sit here without working on a scroll for a bit. All scribes and people interested in the scribal arts are welcome to mingle for a meet and greet at Mistress Ilaria’s tent from 2 pm to 5 pm in the circular tent near the heavy fighting battle field. If you have a portfolio, please feel free to bring it so all can oohhh and ahhhh over your work. Contact Mistress Ilaria with any inquiries

8:30 PM-midnight
Saturday Evening Party
After the warring has taken place on the field, lets all meet around the fire and enjoy the company of foes and friends on Saturday night. Join us for an evening of fun! Hosted by Baroness Alaina Blackram.
You can get more information at the 2014 Border War Ballfield Party Page or this alternate page if the first link is not working.

Youth Activities


Leather belts
Youth can make stamped leather belts from belt blanks.

Copper Buckles
Making copper buckles with a hammer and anvil to go with the belts!

Lunch Hour
No Activities during the Lunch hour

Water Wars
Youth will get wet! This is near Sportsman's Lodge. Watergun, swimsuits, and towels recommended. This is a great way to cool down. Adults wanting to help oversee the battle or just wanting to be targets welcome. Bring your own squirt guns!!

Questions? Contact the .
Last updated 11 May 2014.