May 29-30, 2010 - Memorial Day Weekend

Middle Kingdom Crown Tournament

& Kingdom Arts & Sciences Faire

The Barony of Fenix is proud to host

The Spring Crown Tournament of the Middle Kingdom

and the

Kingdom Arts & Sciences Competition!


This will be held Memorial Day weekend at the Drawbridge Inn and Convention Center! This is a lovely site with reasonable room rates, restaurants, a tavern, a nightclub, and a lovely pool complex onsite.

†††††††††† Saturday will be a day of the best arts and sciences of our Kingdom on display for competition. There will be classes! There will be rapier combat! There will be a Scribal Meet-and-Greet!

†††††††††† Sunday will be a grand display of arms to determine the next Heir to the mighty Dragon Throne!


Please note:† Per our contract with the site, no outside food/drink is allowed on site.† Thank you for your cooperation.



Merchants attending:

Darkblade Studios††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Spicewells
Giggling Wenches
Grumpy Gnome
Not So Ugly Duckling
Crimson Books
Munitions Grade Arms llc

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