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New Canton Discussion
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TOPIC: New Canton Discussion
Re:New Canton Discussion 2 Years, 3 Months ago Karma: 1
Just as a side note, and this is a sort of "small group" proof, albeit from a different scenario.

When I was an HR Mgr, at the Florence store, I would hire 200-300 folks in the spring and have to send them to a 2 day orientation. If I sent them to already set up and facilitated classes in Cincinnati - I would lose over 1/2 my new hires - literally! Even for paying jobs! Folks would not cross the river - they were not comfortable. But if I had my own orientations at the store - then they would go to other specialized training anywhere in town.

Not being raised in this area, I don't understand it, but I do see that this town has it's own default areas, and people LIKE that. People live on the east or west sides and do all, or most, of their business there - for what ever reason.

I just feel that we are not capitalizing on on human habits and preferences.

As a newcomer to any sort of organization, I am much more likely to regularly attend something down the street, in an area familiar to me, than to traverse this convoluted highway/street system and venture into 1. unknown and possibly unsafe areas to hang out with 2. unknown group of people and 3. do vague activities.
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Re:New Canton Discussion 2 Years, 3 Months ago Karma: 0

I got to thinking (ack!), and I thought the discussion, thus far, was missing something and that it might be giving an inaccurate picture of the reasons for the idea of a canton. I want to explain how this all came about, because the posts so far could make one believe that our intent was to set out to “fix” the barony (or do things our way, because we were unhappy), which is not the case. And by “our”, I don’t mean Drogo and me. I know I’m giving in to hearsay, but I’ve heard we were “spearheading” this, with the connotation as if he and I had an evil plot against the Barony. Again, this is not the case. I’m not sure about Drogo, but I am too lazy to plot.

Again, I am speaking for myself, and others of the group, or folks who’ve been at meetings where this was discussed, please feel free to report your versions and/or interpretations!

As most know, we began having A&S classes on eastside, mainly due to geographical circumstances. We soon found that we enjoyed researching our topics a certain way and felt this was a good additional offering to the Barony’s regular A&S.

One of our big successes, I think anyway, was our dyeing series, and from that came an opportunity to help/volunteer at a local event. The event was themed, and period dying fit right in. We attended the event under a moniker like Clermont Dye Group, or something like that. The conversation is actually posted on the boards, for any that want to look back. I suppose we didn’t use Fenix, because we were having fun with the idea of being dyers, and it wasn’t really a demo or anything – it was more of a side activity (and there was no thought of a canton or anything at the time). Again, this is how I felt about it.

Anyway, during a conversation at one of the meetings, we were talking about bringing new folks in, and there were several of us that mentioned people we knew that already did or were interested in the same types of learning and activities, who might enjoy being a part of the SCA. For example, we brought up that Drogo knew and had been trying previously to recruit a group of women, who live in the Eastgate area, who do vinting and fiber arts projects, and they expressed great interest in what we (SCA) were doing. Drogo even attended one of their meetings to give them an overview of SCA/Fenix, since this was before the eastside was meeting. They were really turned off by the prospect of driving way over to the church for the A&S meetings (He had tried numerous times to get them to come check it out and this is why he eventually went to them). And then others in the group shared similar situations of folks they thought would enjoy SCA/Fenix.

So, we thought, well if we were a group, say like a canton, and we got new folks to come do stuff with us, a lot of them would eventually want to go and see what we do at other events/activities. We thought it would be more fitting (and attractive to potential new comers) to be an actual organized sub-group, rather than just a bunch of random people who hang out. I don’t think we seriously considered forming a guild, because we didn’t want to limit ourselves to just the dyeing. We have a vast area of interests and activities we wanted to learn.
Not once was there mention or discussion of being discontent with Fenix in any way, shape or form. Actually, I take that back. It came up only as a “this is what people are going to think”, when we suggest the idea.

We were honestly contemplating growing and sharing knowledge, when this idea sprouted. And everything we did discuss ALWAYS had a tie back to how it would benefit Fenix. We’ve never had any desire to be exclusive to anyone, Scadian or not, and we’ve never had any desire to be separate. And this canton idea most definitely did not come to mind, because we are unhappy with Fenix!

“And that’s all I got to say about that…”
-Forest Gump.

No seriously, I’ll stop posting now. I just thought the beginning of the story should be told.
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Re:New Canton Discussion 2 Years, 3 Months ago Karma: 4
Greetings everyone,

Just a quick note that we will be voting on the new Canton at the February Business Meeting. So please voice all your questions and/or concerns so you have time to get the answers you need.

I would also request that a representative from the proposed Canton be present for the February Business Meeting to answer any questions.

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Re:New Canton Discussion 2 Years, 3 Months ago Karma: 10
I'll be there.
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Re:New Canton Discussion 2 Years, 2 Months ago Karma: 30
Now that the Barony has voted to support the new Canton, it is time for us to officially get organized.
Lucja is looking into getting a meeting room at one of the libraries in the area. We need to know what night of the week works the best for everyone, so please reply with the evenings you'd be available in a typical week.
We will be voting on our officers, so if you are willing to serve in some capacity, be prepared to introduce yourself and your qualifications.
Also, we will be selecting our name and device, so bring your suggestions. Or better yet, post them here, so we have time to mull them over.
Let's be the best Canton this Barony has ever had!
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