The Emerald Beastís Carol

To the tune of The Boar Headís Carol


Sung during the procession at the beginning of the feast at The Emerald Beast Prowls Again (Beast II), an event hosted by the shire then called The Gateway to the Emerald Moors in April of 2002 (AS 36). (The shire is now known as Castell Gwent.)


The emerald beast in hand bears he

Created with care and artistry,

So I bid you all to seated be

So even the smallest folk can see.

††††† Supper will be served anon.

††††† While you wait, list to our song.


In the Emerald Moors, tradition says

To pace the hall with measured steps

While bearing a subtlety or piece

Of fish or flesh or boar or beef.

††††† Supper etc.


Our feast begins with soup and bread

And honey butter for a spread,

With pork and tarts and even veg-

etables youíll be duly fed.

††††† Supper etc.


Our chief cookís feelings will be hurt

If you eat lightly or donít burp

But he reminds you not to slurp

And to save some room for dessert!

††††† Supper etc.