Baronial Awards

Award Description Recipiants
Order of the Boarsbane   Juliana Spencer; Ealhswith of Skye; Medhbh O'Drisceoil; Carrisa Bonham; Cathrine Bonham; Lars the Handy; Aemiliana apo Minos Athos; William the Fierce; Cerridwen of Crowford; Catarina de Cava; Artemisia Voltera; Devon Hathaway; Antonio Carlos Giovanni; Miguela Domenica La Bianca; William the Seafarer; Iosobail inghean Uilliam mhic Leoid; Aodomhair inghean O'Drisceoil, Donal O'Conchobhair, Genevieve O'Conchobhair
Order of the Boars Eye    
Order of the Boars Heart   Juliana Spencer; Catarina de Cava
Order of the Hastati   Catarina de Cava; Devon Hathaway; Miguela Domenica La Bianca
Order of the Hildisvin   Devon Hathaway
Order of the I'Epee Rouge    
Order of the Ruby Chalice   Juliana Spencer; Cerridwen of Crowford; Artemisia Voltera; Iosobail inghean Uilliam mhic Leoid
Orde van de Zuil   Juliana Spencer;Medhbh O'Drisceoil; Larry Bonham; Cerridwen of Crowford; Catarina de Cava; Artemisia Voltera; Devon Hathaway; Antonio Carlos Giovanni; Miguela Domenica La Bianca; Damian Myers; Iosobail inghean Uilliam mhic Leoid; Lars the Handy, Genevieve O'Conchobhair

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