List of Officers

Office Officer



Lady Genevieve O'Connor

Deputy: Lady Isibel of Dunbegane known as  Iosobail inghean Uilliam mhic Leoid



Lady Ameliana apo Minos Athos

Deputy: Pavarus

Minister of Arts and Sciences

Lady Isibel of Dunbegane

Deputy: Vacant


Lady Genevieve O'Connor 

Deputy:  Iosobail inghean Uilliam mhic Leoid


Sergeant Abdullah Al-Rashid


Lady Genevieve O'Connor

Deputy: Sergeant Abdullah Al-Rashid

Knight's Marshal

Seargent Abdullah Al-Rashid


Lady Isibel of Dunbegane known as  Iosobail inghean Uilliam mhic Leoid

Web Minister

Sergeant Abdullah Al-Rashid

Deputy: Lady Elizabeth Eve MacFarlane

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