When a new group is introduced into the Society for Creative Anachronism, one of the first things they need to do is come up with a name and device (or arms).  The group name and arms come to symbolize the unique nature of that group.  Following is the symbolism behind Catteden's arms and the definition of the name.

The Arms

Argent a demi-cat sable issuant from a base azure, in dexter chief a laural wreath vert.

While creating the arms several factors and suggestions where taken in.  The end result is what you see above.  Since the name "Catteden" is based on "wild cat thicket" we wanted our main charge to be a cat.  The demi-cat was found to be reletively unique within the armory of the SCA so we decided to go with the half cat.  The blue base was meant to symbolize the river (Blanchard River) that runs through the lands of Catteden.  The laurel wreath is the symbol of the Middle Kingdom.

Heraldically the colors and symbols mean the following:

The Name

When Catteden was founded one of the things that we wanted to have the name represent was the area for which it resides (Findlay-Hancock County).  The two obvious items that are associated with this area is the Blanchard River and the valley in which it is a part of (Blanchard Valley).  While doing research on historical Findlay, it was discovered that the area was called "wild cat thicket" before it was ever settled.  Upon consulting historical names that would best match these items the one that stuck out the most was "Catteden" which is a name that was documented in the year 1229 A. D. and means "wild-cat valley".  Which incorporated both the historical term of "wild-cat thicket" and the Blanchard Valley, both items associated with the Findlay area.

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