Pounce 2014
Sept 19 - Sept 21, 2014
201 John St, Vanlue, Ohio
Come join us for a weekend full of Heavy and Rapier Fighting, Archery,
A&S Competition, Artisanís Row, Classes, and a Feast
Site opens Fri. 5:00 pm closes Sun. 12:00 pm
Gate opens Fri. 5:00 pm to 11:00pm, Sat. 8 am - 2 pm
Site Fees
Day Trip Adult $10, Child (6-12) $5.00, under 5 Free
Camping Adult At Door $15, Child at Door $7, under 5 Free Family Cap: $30
Merchant Fee: $10 (only site/camp fee)
Non-Members Surcharge: $5 per adult
Feast $12 Currently limited to 68 gentles
Camping Adult $13, Day Trip Adult $10, Child $5
Feast Pre-Reg $10
Please pre-reg by September 12, 2014 to:
Jennifer Conner, 1709 S. Main St., Findlay, Ohio 45840
Make checks payable to "SCA Inc. Canton of Catteden."
Site Information
Above Ground Firepits Only - Bardic Fire in camping area is the only one allowed to be dug.
All are welcome to gather around the fire (please keep noise ordinance in mind)Noise Ordinance of 10PM.
There is indoor plumbing on site
Handicap only parking near campsites
Site is discretely damp: You bring it, you take it
Pounce Feast 2014
Head Cook
Muirenn ingen Ragnaill
(Tentative Menu below)
French Figs, Cheese, Olives, Flat bread
First Course:
Chick Pea and Rice Soup
Second Course:
Apicius/Flower Chicken for the sick coucous
Third Course:
Lemon Basil Sorbet
Fourth Course:
Various Roasted Meats, Rice, Warm Spinach Salad
Spiced Peaches
Silent Auction run by Avigayl bat Auraham
Located in the Small Shelter House
Come bid on a variety of items to raise money for the Canton of Catteden.
Auction Hours: Saturday: 10am-4pm
Winners will be announced following court and before feast
Items need paid for and picked up before Sunday at noon. We will not ship items to you.
Bored Bard
Viking Archery
Keystone Clay and Beads
Friday Main Arts and Sciences Covered Pavilion Arts and Sciences Concession Pavilion Heavy Fighting Rapier Fighting Ranged
5pm Troll Opens          
10pm Noise Ordinance in Effect          
11pm Troll Closes          
Saturday Main Building Arts and Sciences Medium Shelter House Gazebo Heavy Fighting Rapier Fighting Ranged
8am Troll Opens          
10am Cutting and Curing Quills Make Your Own Viking Bread Bardic Warm ups and Improv Game Auths and Inspections Auths and Inspections Inspections
11am A Brief History of the Castle So You Want to Sew Coffee with the Muse Pickup Fights Single Sword Bearpit Tourney Open Practice / Fun
12noon   Finns for the Winn; Simple Women's Viking Garb Beginning Harp and Reading Sheet Music    
1pm Troll Closes Story Stones Red Spears Baronial Championship Bring Your Best Style Tournament Kingdom Crown Round
2pm   Medieval Fabric Buttons What is Tuning / What is Temperment    
3pm   List Closes to allow Archery List Closes to allow Archery Red Spears Baronial Archery Championship
4:00pm Charity Auction Closes (Small Shelter House)     Range Closes
5pm Court          
6pm Feast          
10pm Noise Ordinance in Effect          
Sunday Main          
12pm Site Closes (remain only if you wish to be put to work)          
Tourney Descriptions:
Baronial Heavy Weapons
On Saturday the 20st Day of September, in the year of our Society 49, there will be such crowds of people in Catteden, it will be marvelous to see them.At the pleasure of Their Noble Excellencies Raffeale and Margherita, Barone and Baronessa of the Barony of Red Spears, combat will be held on foot to determine their next Champion of Armoured Combat.
Let all princes, lords, barons, knights, squires, Captains and Serjants of the Red Company, and men-at-arms of the Kingdom of the Middle, and all other known world kingdoms, who are not banished or enemies of the king our lord, be invited to join in this tournament.
All combats shall be conducted under the Rules of the List and Conventions of Combat of the Society and Kingdom of the Middle.Combatants shall be appropriately armed and armored and present themselves to the marshals as such before the tournament.
All combatants shall bear themselves with good grace, to advance the cause of chivalry rather than the base spirit of victory.
Each combatant shall comport themselves bearing mutual responsibility for themselves and for their opponent.
The safety of your opponent is your responsibility.
Those combatants that are present to vie for the title and position of Red Spears Baronial Armoured Champion shall present themselves before the Tournament to Their Excellencies to declare their intent to serve the Barony in this office for the next year.
Those combatants fighting for the Championship shall be accompanied by their personal herald to announce them in the procession and boast of their deeds and the virtues of their opponents during the tournament.
All other combatants are encouraged to bring their personal heralds as well but it shall not be a requirement for their participation in the tournament.
Those combatants fighting for the Championship shall each face His Excellency Serjant Raffaele and myself, Abdullah Al-Rashid, the current Red Spears Armoured Champion, in single combat.
As time and our bodies permit we will then meet as tenans as many of the other combatants as possible.
Each combatant will then strive in noble combat verses all other challengers in the tournament,
both those fighting for the Championship and those fighting for their personal renown and the honour of their consort;
if ten or fewer combatants take the field then each shall in turn fight every combatant present three times;
The victor of two or more of the three fights will receive a point.
Ties will be re-fought.
If the number of challengers is over ten then the field will be divided by chance into pools and once having fought each combatant in their pool three times, the top combatants from each pool will advance to a final pool to determine victory in the tournament.
There will be a prize for the winner of the tournament, whether they be the new champion or one of the other challengers.
All noble Lords and Ladies of the gallery are also encouraged to bring personal prizes and tokens to award to which combatants they feel advanced the cause of chivalry this day.
Class Descriptions:
Title: Curing and Cutting Quills
Instructor: Christoph von Steinach
Class Limit: 10
No children under 14.
Description: Curing and Cutting Quills
Title: A Brief History of the Castle
Instructor: Christoph von Steinach
Class Limit: 10
Description: A Brief History of the Castle
Title: Medieval Fabric Buttons
Instructor: Lisa Boehler
Description: Button Making
$1 donation. No class size limit.
Title: Make Your Own Viking Bread
Instructor: Lady Ayla
Description: Making viking bread. $1 donation. No class size limit.
Title: So You Want to Sew
Instructor: Lady Anna Mailander
Description: Sewing instruction
Title: Finns for the Winn
Instructor: Kristy
Description: Making simple women's viking garb. $1 donation. Class size limit: 8. 2 hours.
Title: Coffee with the Muse: Creating a Grassroots Bardic Venue
Instructor: THL Juliane Bechaumpe, Lord Llywelyn Glyndyverdwy
Description: Integrating bardic activities into an event is always a challenge.
In this roundtable we will explore ways to create a venue that is welcoming, supportive and visible.
What more could a Bard want?
(no limits or fees)
Title: Beginning harp and reading sheet music
Instructor: Lord Douglas MacFarlane
Description: In this class you will learn how to play the harp and sight read music!
This is for anyone. If you used to play an instrument, here is a good refresher course
in reading notes and playing them accordingly on a harp or any musical instrument.
Class size 10 Limitations must be able to hold a 34 inch Heather Harp
Fee: None But a $2.00 donation for the handout is greatly appreciated.
Title: What is Tuning and Temperament?
Instructor: Lord Douglas MacFarlane
Description: Since the days of the Greeks tuning a musical instrument and the system of tuning an instrument was determined using math!
Class size 10 Limitations must be able to hold a 34 inch Heather Harp
Fee: None But a $2.00 donation for the handout is greatly appreciated.
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