Chatelaine Officer's Badge
Mistress Giovanna Adimari
(Anne Stevenson)
707 Collegewood St
Ypsilanti, MI 48197
(734) 223-0745

Office of the Chatelaine

Mistress Giovanna, Chatelaine
Mistress Giovanna Adimari
(Anne Stevenson)
707 Collegewood St.
Ypsilanti, MI 48197
(734) 223-0745

Some of the following pages contain links over which neither the SCA nor the Middle Kingdom has any control:

For Chatelaines:


  • HELP WANTED! Interested in being a Chatelaine-at-Large or other position? Check the Job Openings

Regional Chatelaine Mailing Lists:

Yahoo Group Chatelaine Email Lists exist for each region in the Midrealm. This is a place where you can exchange ideas, discuss challenges, as well as get announcements from your Regional Chatelaine and/or the Kingdom Chatelaine.

Chatelaine Resources and Forms:

Retention Resources:

  • NEW! Midrealm Newcomer's Quest Instructions
  • NEW! Midrealm Newcomer's Quest by Baronessa Giovanna Adimari
  • NEW! How to Retain Members by Baronessa Giovanna Adimari
  • NEW! Planning Events that Engage Members Can Aid Retention by Baronessa Giovanna Adimari
  • The Quests of Hugh Izzit

    Follow along on the adventures of Hugh Izzit! The Quest of Hugh Izzit is a set of quests compiled by the Barony of Shattered Crystal, not just for new members, but for members who have been in the SCA for a while, too. Each set gives a list of items to try, perform, and accomplish to help one learn about the SCA, and the history and lifestyle of the Middle Ages/Renaissance. Any suggestions for new and different quests should be sent to the chatelain of the Barony of Shattered Crystal. All storylines, drawings, and compilations have been made by Cinaed Ulric, Amhranai tan Briongloid, mka Jonathan Thorn, and may be freely copied and used throughout the SCA, so long as proper credit is given. Please be sure to print out a copy of the instructions before beginning or distributing one of Hugh's quests.

    NOTE: Beads and tokens for the Quests of Hugh Izzit are to be supplied by the local group. The Kingdom Chatelaine only has beads and tokens on hand for those participating in the Midrealm Newcomer's Quest, and only for groups who are unable to provide their own.

    The Quests of Hugh Izzit are more in depth than the Midrealm Newcomer's Quest listed above and assume the person completing Hugh's quests has a bit more familiarity with the SCA than one just starting out. If you have someone brand new to the SCA, please start with the Midrealm Newcomer's Quest. If you have someone who's been to a few events, meetings, and is relatively active within the SCA, the Hugh Izzit series of quests may be a better resource.

  • The Quest of Hugh Izzit Rules
  • The Quest of Hugh Izzit Series One
  • The Quest of Lord Izzit Series Two
  • The Quest of His Excellency, Hugh Izzit Series Three
  • The Quest of Sir Hugh Izzit Series Four
  • The Quest of His Grace, Hugh Izzit Series Five
  • The Quest of His Majesty, Hugh Izzit Series Six
  • The Quest of Saint Hugh Izzit Series 7
  • Persona Worksheet (Goes along with The Quest of St. Hugh

Recruitment Resources and Handouts:

Chatelaine Reporting Schedule
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Regional Deputies

June 1 and December 1

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Chatelaine Change of Officer Form

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