So, you want to be a Chirurgeon in the Middle Kingdom:

Middle Kingdom Chirurgeon Policy Facts, Answers & Questions

    How do I become a Chirurgeon in training?
    To be accepted as a Chirurgeon in training a candidate must fill out the Chirurgeon in Training Applicationthat can be found on the Middle Kingdom Chirurgeon site . This completed form must be sent to the warranting officer. If you live in the Middle Kingdom, itís the Current Middle Kingdom Chirurgeon. Be sure to include with the application:
    • Proof of current first-aid certification and current CPR certification.
    • Proof of current SCA membership.
    • Picture ID showing Proof of Age

    How do I become a warranted Chirurgeon?
    In order to advance to fully warranted status, the Chirurgeon in training must:

      1. Serve several observation periods under the direct observation of a warranted Chirurgeon.
      2. Be as old or older than the legal age of majority in the location in which he or she resides.
      3. Maintain a current first aid certification.
      4. Maintain a current CPR certification.
      5. Maintain proof of membership in the SCA.

    The minimum observation period is usually 4 events, but it may be longer if you cannot be evaluated in all skill areas.

    Can I do my entire observation period at Pennsic?
    No, but you can do three of four events. One four-hour shift or one battle will count as an event.

    What is an acceptable First Aid/CPR certification?
    The minimum acceptable first-aid certification is the Standard First Aid certification issued by the American Red Cross. Alternate certifications are acceptable. Some include Emergency Response (American Red Cross), licenses such as MDs, RNs, LPNs, and certifications such as EMTs, ERTs, etc. The minimum acceptable cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) certification is the Adult CPR certification issued by the American Red Cross. Alternate certifications are acceptable.

    I'm an EMT (or nurse, doctor, etc). Do I have to do 4 events as an Chirurgeon-in-training?
    If you have advanced medical certifications you may not need to follow the normal Chirurgeon training process. Instead of the 4 shifts you may be able to work one shift with either the Kingdom Chirurgeon, a deputy regional Chirurgeon , or a warranted chirurgeon of the Kingdom Chirurgeonís choice. The event and who you would be working with would be arranged ahead of time with the Kingdom Chirurgeon. If you have advanced certifications and are interested in becoming a chirurgeon please contact the Kingdom Chirurgeon to work out the details. Please be aware that the decision to let a person take this route will also take into consideration how long the applicant has been in the SCA.

    What happens during the observation period?
    In addition to demonstrating first aid skills, the Chirurgeon-in-training is expected to learn and become knowledgeable in:

      1. The SCA in general.
      2. SCA combat.
      3. Armor and armor standards.
      4. The roles of other officers (especially the Marshallate,) and their interactions with the Chirurgeonate.
      5. Organizational responsibilities of a Chirurgeon-in-Charge.
      6. The policies and procedures contained in the Chirurgeonís Handbook.
      7. The Kingdom Chirurgeonateís policies and practices.

    What documents do I need?
    You should put together a 3 ring Chirurgeon binder and have it with you any time you work as a Chirurgeon. The binder should contain the most current versions of:

    Once Iím warranted, how many events do I need to work each year?
    A Chirurgeon must work a minimum of one event per year.

    Am I required to work as a chirurgeon at every event?
    All service in the Chirurgeonate is on a volunteer basis. A Chirurgeon is not required to provide first aid unless required otherwise by law.

    Once I receive my warrant, is it good forever?
    No. New warrants are issued at the start of each reign. If a Chirurgeon fails to submit reports, work events, and/or maintain certifications, their name may not be listed on the next warrant roster.

    What reports do I need to submit?
    The Chirurgeon-in-Charge of an event is required to submit an Event Report, even if there have been no injuries. Reports should include at a minimum the event name, date, Chirurgeons functioning, injury reports, refusal of consent forms, and all other pertinent paperwork. This report should be submitted to the Regional Chirurgeon within two weeks of the event.

    Any combat related injury or injury requiring off-site transportation to a medical facility should be reported to the Regional Chirurgeon and Kingdom Chirurgeon within 72 hours.

    Chirurgeons-at-large should submit quarterly reports to their Regional Chirurgeon and the Kingdom Chirurgeon. They are required to submit an annual Domesday report that recaps the activities for the year on December 1. A Chirurgeon that fails to submit a Domesday report will not be listed on the next warrant roster.

    How often do I need to submit reports?
    Quarterly reports should be submitted to the Regional Chirurgeon and the Kingdom Chirurgeon by March 1, June 1, September 1. The Domesday Report needs to be submitted by December 1.

    The Regional Chirurgeons are required to submit reports by March 8, June 8, September 8, December 8.

    How often do I need to send my certifications to the Warranting Officer?
    As each certification or membership is renewed, a Chirurgeon should send a copy to their Warranting Officer. Since the Warranting Officer is required to have current certifications and SCA memberships on file whenever warrants are issued, a lapse in paperwork will result in being dropped from the next roster. A Chirurgeon who has been dropped from the warrant roster will be reinstated upon the receipt of renewed paperwork.

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