The First Annual Fimbulwinter Games

We invite you to help shake off the deep winter doldrums by joining us for a fantastical new event for the dicer, strategist, gamer, and lover of shiny things in all of us! Fimbulwinter might be kept at bay if we show how much we enjoy each other's company while we play and make merry all through the long winter night and into the next morning!

The event will be held at the Salvation Army of Columbus Indiana, located at 2525 Illinois St, Columbus Indiana 47201. This site is given free to us as a goodwill gesture by the Salvation Army, as we are holding a food/goods drive for their public pantry. Site entry "fee" is 3 canned/non-perishable food items, or other goods such as toiletries, clothing, etc. We hope to soon have a list of specific items the pantry will need.

Site opens at 9am, Saturday the 15th and closes early morning Sunday the 16th. We are currently in discussions with the Site to get crash space so that those wishing to stay late for gaming and bardic and the like won't have to worry about driving home so late! There will also be limited floor space available at local SCA homes.

Classes for period games will be taught throughout the day, and yes, we are looking for folks to teach their favorite period dice, bone, board, card, and other games!

There will be a potluck feast, as we have access to the kitchen! We plan on having a on-going buffet table of goodies from supper time until late so that everyone can eat, drink, game, and be merry! Please bring a dish and or/drink to share. The Shire of Cuil Cholium will provide coffee, hot water/tea/hot chocolate, lemonade, iced tea, and water.

The event autocrat is Lord Malcolm MacLoren, who can be reached at or 812-361-1652.Class coordinator and crash space coordinator Thora the Red can be contacted at or 812-603-7827.

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