The Officers of Cuil Cholium

Seneschal:Fearless leader, representative of the Crown for the local group, president at business meetings, and legal point of contact for the group.Lady Thora the Red

Chatelaine: Bold seeker of new members and public relations contact for groups wishing for us to set up an educational demo for them.Lady Constance Stoune

Exchequer: Keeper of the keys to the monies chest, over-worked accountant and official financial officer.Lord Domnaill hO'Hodrain

Minister of Arts and Sciences: Helps members to find resources for research and learning of the gentle arts and science, spear-heads group A&S projects. Her Ladyship Anna Lyse Warwick

Chronicler: Records and publishes both the serious business and shenanigans of the Shire at meetings and events. Lady Tangwystl verch Gwilim

Pusuivant/Herald: Resource contact for researching names,persona culture and devices for group members, cries announcements at local events. Lady Lia de Langly

Webminister: Maintains the virtual presence of the Shire via this website. Lady Thora the Red

Heavy Marshal:Facilitates and suervises local heavy weapons practices and fighting at educational demos and events, with a focus on the safety of both combatants and spectators and furthering the skills of the fighters. Position is currently vacant.

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