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Woven in Time- 35 years of the Shire of Dark River
Please join us in celebrating our Shire's 35th anniversary! We intend to bring back memories of the past 35 years in various forms throughout the day's activities.
Feast Menu:

cheese (milk, lemon or milk, vinegar, garlic)
Honey butter
rabbit pie ( flour, salt, butter, egg, potato, carrots, onions, peas, salt, pepper)
German potato salad (flour, potatos, bacon, german vinegar, onions, I will have to post the spices later but they wont be anything exotic)
Chyches ( chickpeas, garlic, olive oil, pepper, cloves, salt)
Gelyne in dubbatte ( chicken, chicken broth, red wine, clove, mace, pepper, cinnamon, bread crumbs, vinegar)
Mushroom pasty ( mushrooms, olive oil, cheese, salt, pepper, ginger, flour, butter, eggs)
Perys en composte ( red wine, cinnamon, sugar, dates, pears, salt)
Potage of roysons ( almonds, raisins, sugar, ginger, rice flour, apples)