Persona Links

                    Research Questions for Developing a Persona

                    How to Build a Persona

                Costuming Links

                    Elizabethan Period Costumes

Clothing and Costume List of Links

                    Yahoo SCA Costuming Discussion Group

Costuming Art and Photo Galleries

Jumbo List of Costuming Links

Dancing Links

SCA Dance Homepage

SCA Dance CD's, MP3's and Books

Heraldry Links

SCA Heraldry Homepage

SCA Heraldry Submission Process

Arms, Armoring and Archery Links

The Perfect Armor Improved

SCA Archery Homepage

Sara's Chainmail Connection

Arms and Armor Resources

SCA General Links

Main SCA Homepage

Middle Kingdom Homepage

Midlands Regional Homepage

Shire of Dark River Yahoo Group

Kingdom of Calontir Homepage

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