Dance Nights

Hey guys! So since there seemed to be a lot of interest in dance, we had discussed at the last meeting to do dance nights. Here are the days and times set up:
Every other Monday, starting October 14th at 8:00 PM to 10:00PM. I could not get a great big Morton room like everyone seemed to want but I did get a room in Morton. The room is 227. It seemed to have a set-up where it was desks lined up. I’m guessing this should work whereas we can just move the desks out of the way for dancing so long as we make sure they are put back into nice rows.

Altani Unegen

October A&S

October 1st: Shiny Hats and Feast Etiquette with His Grace Sir Talymar
For the newcomer, there is a lot of information to keep straight. Who exactly is a Duke? What does that mean? What’s with all the pagentry? Come join His Grace Sir Talymar for a lecture on the meanings of Shiny Hats, along with a possible discussion on the etiquette of Feast.

October 8th: Awards: What are they and How do they work? with Wilhelm Salzburger
Geared towards both newcomers and SCA-vets alike, this class will give an overview on awards in the SCA, specifically Kingdom and Baronial level awards. What they’re given for, and how to reccomend someone.

October 15: Medieval Game Night: Glückhaus with Wilhelm Salzburger
Come play a game of chance with my first Glückhaus board! Simple rules, played with dice, will create a fun evening for everyone. You need bring only yourselves!

October 22: The Plague and Economics: A Game with Wilhelm Salzburger
This is my attempt at a class taught by Lord Brannith Marius of Okenshield. His mundane background in economics inspired a game that could help people understand the beginnings of a defineable middle class as a direct result of the plague, with all of the fun and (almost) 100% less plague!

October 29th: Bardic (Halloween Edition) with Everyone!

Bring yourselves for a night of stories and entertainment, hopefully Halloween themed, but not required!

Summer Meetings

Please note that during Ohio University’s “finals week” there is no meeting.

June 5, 2012 – NO MEETING

Summer meetings will resume on June 12, 2012 at the park (Southside Park) on Dairy Lane.

Meeting Time: 7pm with Fighters gathering around 6:30pm for early practice.

Athens Streetmap - Southside ParkSouthside Park is located off of Richland Avenue, on Dairy Lane. Looking at the map above, if you are following US-33 to Route 682 exit, simply follow the roundabout until you can exit onto Richland Ave. and then make the first right, this is Dairy Lane. There is a sign for the Dairy Barn Arts Center. The parking lot for the first shelter house (seen from Richland Avenue) is the first right on Dairy Lane. The large Dernehealde banner may be hanging on the shelter house, or there may be a group of fighters getting an early start on their