Spring Schedule – Meetings & Fight Practice

We have the same room and time for meetings this quarter, Tuesdays 8-10pm Grover W305, starting on March 27th. We also have Morton 201 for indoor fight practice every Sunday from 1-5pm with the exception of April 22nd. The university reserved the entire building for that day so our back up rooms were unavailable, and so we will just have to hope for nice weather that weekend.

Winter Quarter 2012

Greetings to the New Year and welcome back students!!

Just a quick word about our meetings… for this quarter, they are located in Grover Hall, room W305 our old room on the third floor from last year, Tues 8-10pm starting today.

We also have Morton 201 reserved for indoor fight practice every Sunday from 1-5pm with the exception of this weekend (1/8) and Feb 26, where we are in Morton 235.

Thank you for the information and the room reservations, Theyus!

Grover Hall on OU Campus

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Grover Hall - 3rd Floor

Room W305 is in Yellow... click on thumbnail to view larger image

Summer Meetings & Fight Practices

Summer is in full swing and that means that Dernehealde’s meeting have moved to Southside Park (just off Richland Avenue on Dairy Lane).

Fight practices have also been moved to Tuesday evenings – starting around 6:00p.m. (for our adventurous few) or 7:00 p.m. for those who work/travel. The Business Meeting will start around 8:00 – ish.

Bring plenty of water and be prepared to have fun!

Southside Park is located off of Richland Avenue, on Dairy Lane. Looking at the map (at the right, click on thumbnail for larger image) if you are following US-33 to Route 682 exit, simply  follow the roundabout until you can exit onto Richland Ave. and then make the first right, this is Dairy Lane.

There is a sign for the Dairy Barn Arts Center. The parking lot for the first shelter house
(seen from Richland Avenue) is the first right on Dairy Lane. The large Dernehealde banner may be hanging on the shelter house, or there may be a group of fighters getting an early start on their practice.