September A&S

September 10th: Garb Night, Part I
Beginning garb for the newbies first event. Bring a tshirt that fits comfortably to use as a template. We will NOT be destroying the shirt, just using the shirt as a basis for the fit of your tunic. Sizing and cutting out of fabrics will most likely happen this evening, with possibly a bit of sewing?

September 17th: Garb Night, Part II
Sewing of the tunics will continue, but be prepared to take extra time outside the meetings to finish, as we may be limited on sewing machines.

September 24th: Bardic Night
Bring your stories, songs, poetry, performances, and yourselves! This is a night of revelry and merriment, and it is NOT limited to the medieval. Everything from “No shit, there I was…” stories from SCA events to “You won’t believe what happened at work…”

Also folks, I have a report due on October 1st (thanks to Pompeia for the heads up). I need to know what projects you’ve worked on, classes you’ve taken, classes you’ve taught (and if you taught, a general idea of how many students attended). This will be anything done after July 1st, so for those of you who went to War, I hope you remember what classes you took!

Yours in Service

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