October A&S

October 1st: Shiny Hats and Feast Etiquette with His Grace Sir Talymar
For the newcomer, there is a lot of information to keep straight. Who exactly is a Duke? What does that mean? What’s with all the pagentry? Come join His Grace Sir Talymar for a lecture on the meanings of Shiny Hats, along with a possible discussion on the etiquette of Feast.

October 8th: Awards: What are they and How do they work? with Wilhelm Salzburger
Geared towards both newcomers and SCA-vets alike, this class will give an overview on awards in the SCA, specifically Kingdom and Baronial level awards. What they’re given for, and how to reccomend someone.

October 15: Medieval Game Night: Glückhaus with Wilhelm Salzburger
Come play a game of chance with my first Glückhaus board! Simple rules, played with dice, will create a fun evening for everyone. You need bring only yourselves!

October 22: The Plague and Economics: A Game with Wilhelm Salzburger
This is my attempt at a class taught by Lord Brannith Marius of Okenshield. His mundane background in economics inspired a game that could help people understand the beginnings of a defineable middle class as a direct result of the plague, with all of the fun and (almost) 100% less plague!

October 29th: Bardic (Halloween Edition) with Everyone!

Bring yourselves for a night of stories and entertainment, hopefully Halloween themed, but not required!

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