This section of the Dernehealde’s website is a repository for various forms, checklists, etcetera for the smooth operation of the Shire; the processes involved in hosting an event (with timelines, checklists, forms needed and so on); and the processes involved in having feasts. This is also the clearinghouse of links for the various Officers’ Handbooks/Manuals.

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Event Files

This section covers the necessary steps for a successful event. It includes process timeline, event bids, budget sheets, paperwork checklist, etc.

Event planner (MS Word document)
Event budget spreadsheet (MS Excel worksheet)

A Guide to Introduce Our Organization to Site Owners and Managers for Potential Use of Facilities by the SCA

Middle Kingdom Waiver Policy Important to read by Autocrat and Troll!

Event Insurance Documents (Society)
Event Sign-in for Troll
List Table Sign-in for Armored/Rapier Combat
Minor Event form (single minor)
Minor Event form Family (multiple minors)
Event Equestrian form (Adult)

Officers’ Handbooks

All Marshals’ Handbooks are located in the section “Martial Activites.”

Seneschal Society Handbook
Event Insurance Documents (Society)
Exchequer Kingdom Handbook
Exchequer Local Branch Handbook (this means us)
Minister of Arts & Sciences Kingdom Handbook
Guidelines for Kingdom Chatelains/Hospitallers (Society)
Resources for Chatelains/Hospitallers
Chirurgeon Society Handbook
Chronicler Society Handbook
Herald Administrative Handbook (Society)
Middle Kingdom Pursuivants Handbook
Middle Kingdom Protocol Handbook
Middle Kingdom Boke of Ceremonies

Martial Activities

This section contains the handbooks, rules, waivers and list forms for all martial activities in the SCA.

Society Level Marshals’ Handbooks (.pdf)

Marshal Society Handbook
Equestrian Society Handbook
Society Equestrian Info page
Target Archery Rules
Thrown Weapons Rules
Rapier Combat Handbook
Rapier Bladetypes & Conventions
Siege Engine Handbook
Siege Handbook Updates

Middle Kingdom Specific Marshal Handbooks

MK Armored Combat Handbook v11 (.pdf)