Artisan Showcase

In these pages, you will find pictures of various Arts & Sciences items that members of Dernehealde
have thought of, researched and created. As a result, some of the pages will be quite image intense. While
every measure has been taken to minimize load times, please be patient.

“Life is short, Art is forever.”

Cori of Dernehealde’s Fiber Arts (Dernehealde Alumni)

His Lordship, the Honorable Eidiard an Gobhainn’s corpus of work

Lady Finnseach de Locheil’s corpus of work

Lord Morgan MacAeath’s corpus of work

Her Excellency, Baroness Isabeau de Forbeis’s Equestrian

Lady Isobel Mure’s Bookbinding

Lady Muirenn ingen Uaithne’s Dog Pack (Dernehealde Alumni)

Lord Robert Daniel Rohan – The Fishmonger’s Tale

Lord Torquil’s & His Lordship, Eidiard’s Seige Engine