Heraldry Resources

For anyone interested in learning about the art of Heraldry (not heraldic art), it is recommended
that people start with the following resources. The people that have written these articles and made these resources available have been heralds for many years and many of them have served at the highest SCA office a herald can – Laurel King/Queen of Arms.

  • Medieval Names Archive – THE place to start for learning about period naming practices from many cultures and times covered by the SCA. Hosted and maintained by the St. Gabriel Guild. Great site for help in picking out your persona name.
  • Heraldic Primer – An excellent starting place as it has been updated and starts with the very basics.
  • Modar’s Heraldry Articles – A wonderful compendium of articles on heraldry as used in the SCA and historically. Baron Modar resides in Calontir.

Heraldry Matters

The Shire’s Order of Precedence is online online. There are separate pages for both the Baronial level awards and the Kingdom level awards. This was done for a number of reasons, chief among them being that this way people can see what other folks have already received – or not. It will make it easier for people to recommend others in the Shire for awards.

Baronial level Order of Precedence

Kingdom level Order of Precedence

Dernehealde Alumni