Lamorak of Dunsinane

His Excellency, Baron Lamorak of Dunsinane

Lamorak is a 12th Century man born in Scotland at Dunsinane, site of his father’s castle. His mother was Welsh and a lover of Arthurian lore, and named him after a lesser known Knight in the tales. He and his wife, Isabeau de Foirbeis, both became squires to Duke Syr Talymar. Lamorak believes a well-rounded person must be able to fight, as well as have skills useful in times of peace. He enjoys fighting, but also makes his own weapons, armor, arrows, and garb.

Lamorak has served as Dernehealde’s MOS (back before Arts and Sciences were combined), Seneschal, and is
currently the Shire’s Knight’s Marshall (heavy weapons). He is a squire to Duke Syr Talymar and an Apprentice
(in sewing) to Mistress Melisande, Syr Talymar’s wife. Lamorak stepped down from Baron of the Middle Marches on October 6th, 2012.