Eidiard an Gobhainn

His Lordship, the Honorable Lord Eidiard an Gobhainn

Eidiard is a 7th century Pict who is married to a lovely 5th century Orcadian Pictish woman. Blacksmith, bookbinder, and storyteller Eidiard (or Uncle Eidiard to some) is known far and wide for his works in the Arts and Sciences, always ready with an idea or a tale to be told. Feared by some, not so much for his fighting but his inability to shut up, he sits in his “Keep on the Mound” and tries to guide people to more and interesting adventures. His efforts to keep people interested came to the attention of Sör Ustad and as a punishment, he was added to his household and eventually squired to him. This has now given a new meaning to Ustad’s household, Ev Korku (House Dread) to friends and foes alike.

He served as Dernehealde’s Seneschal and is the author of “The Anvil’s Ring” a regular feature in the Shire’s newsletter The Derneheralde. Past offices include Minister of Arts & Sciences, Marshal of Fence, Marshal at Large of Fence and past Northern Oaken Regional Seneschal. He is also a Grandfather Guildmaster of the Honorable Union of Blacksmiths and Metalworkers, Barony Middle Marches, under Baron Sir Thomas.

He served as Baronial Thrown Weapons Champion for the Middle Marches in 2007-2008, and served as the Baronial Heavy Weapons Champion2009-2011.