Morgan MacAoidh

Lord Morgan MacAoidh

Morgan is a 12th century Scotsman and the son of a village artisan. As a boy Morgan trained under his father’s tutelage in silver smithing and lapidary art. When necessary his father would barter for materials and on many occasions Morgan was employed as a worker/servant to other villagers and artisans as part of barter. On more than one of these occasions he was put to work for another artisan doing grunt labor. Because these villagers recognized his hard work, and in recognition of his curiosity, they were tolerant of his questions and willing to show him some of their techniques. To this end, as a young adult Morgan found himself with tolerable skill in a variety of arts.

It was not long after that he left the village behind to find his own way in the world. His wanderings took him throughout southern Scotland and beyond Hadrian’s Wall toward warmer climes. In most cases he turned to trading his skills just to survive, and seldom stayed long in any one location.

After many years of wandering and many adventures (including finding his lovely wife Aurelia Du Fauconor), he wandered into the shire of Dernehealde were he discovered an entire group of like-minded souls who offered him friendship and a place to hang out. He can be found there to this day teaching what he can when he can and otherwise tinkering in one art form or another.

He served his barony as Baronial Arts & Sciences Champion for 2008-2009.