Zippora Ledayle

Lady Zippora Ledayle (a.k.a. Zigana)

She is known to her friends and family as Zigana, though she uses an English name for business matters. Zigana requires a second name because she is a Roma – a young woman of the Romany people. Her people generally use a name of the local culture to hide the fact that they are Romany because most governments do not hold much love for these no-nation travelers.

At present, it is late in the 16th century and Zigana resides just outside of London, England with her family and fellow Romany. She is an accomplished horsewoman, enjoys doing calligraphy, dancing of all kinds, likes food of almost any culture, and wishes to learn more fencing. Her greatest love, however, and the art she holds the most interest in, is archery. She is still a beginner archer but she is working to advance in the craft. The gypsy (as Romany are commonly known to Westerners) has travelled some with her people and plans to continue to wander. She wishes to see as much of her world as she can and to learn as much as possible about her favored cultures.

“The road is wide and the sky is tall / And before I die, I will see it all”
-A Gypsy’s Home, Heather Alexander

Zigana served her Barony as the Baronial Thrown Weapons Champion in 2010.