Talymar gan y Llewynn

His Grace, Duke Sir Talymar gan y Llewynn

Talymar is an 11th century Welshman (by choice, thanks to his mother), living on the English-Welsh border in Somerset. He is a follower of the old ways, thanks to his dear mother’s teaching him to honor and respect them.

Talymar has a long and illustrious history in the SCA. He was squired to Duke Sir Andrew of Seldom Rest, knighted at Pennsic 8 and was served as King for Pennsics 9 and 16 and as War General for Pennsic 17 – winning the War Against the Eastern Agression three times (still holds that record), earning him the bardic title of “Hammer of the Tyger.” He found his way to Dernehealde and decided to stay here in 1973 (A.S. mumbldysomething).

He has served the Society by serving on the Board of Directors; serving as the SCA Chairman of the International Education Committee; as Deputy Kingdom Seneschal, Baronial Knight’s Marshall, Shire Knight’s Marshall, Baronial Arts Champion, two times as Baronial Heavy Weapons Champion, and as Baronial Champion of Gladenfeld (in the Kingdom of Meridies).

Duke Talymar has the following duchies: Logan, Ohio; Deer Park, Indiana; the Toronto Zoo; and Harlech Castle (Wales). He is the head of his service oriented household, Holt Heroates, which is spread far and wide.