Sungyve Morgain

Lady Sungyve Morgain

Sungyve’s heritage comes from a complex mixture of sources. Her mother was Kasumi, the daughter of a great teacher of ninjutsu; she learned expertly from him, and often posed as a Geisha in order to get closer to her targets. During one of her missions, she met a young Englishman working with traders from Portugal. His name was Nicolas, the banished son of an English noble. He was working now with Portuguese traders under the commission of a great Count. He fell in love with Kasumi, and they spent some time together, before he was forced to leave Japan – but not before the birth of their daughter. The baby was named Sungyve after Nicolas’ dear grandmother. When she was still quite young, however, her mother was discovered while on an assassination mission and was killed. Sungyve left Japan not long after with her father, wanting to see more of the world, and learn more of her English heritage.

Sungyve still has much to learn about the world, but she looks forward to learning all that she can.