Sabine de Creuequoer

Her Ladyship, The Honorable Lady Sabine de Creuequoer

Sabine is a late 10th/early 11th century Norman whose ancestor Hugh was on the boat with William the Conqueror(Wace wrote it, so it must be true and the de Creuequoers hardly had to threaten him at all!) She has acquired through a brilliant stroke of luck a most amusing and beloved Saxon who she does not beat (too much). People have reported sightings of a Viking who looks remarkably similar to Sabine at multiple events.

Sabine finds anything dealing with string to be addictive and vastly entertaining: spinning, sprang, kumihimo, nalbinding, knitting, braiding. Someday she will weave. Until then, she keeps herself busy marshalling thrown weapons and archery. She also served as Baronial Thrown Weapons Champion in 2006.