Altani Unegen

Altani Unegen is a 14th Century Mongol whose parents originated in the Ulus of Jochi (The Golden Horde). Her mother is of Kipchak origins and her father is a Mongol. Her natural curiosity, like that of a fox, led her into researching and studying of many topics.  So dedicated was she to her curiosities, that she refused to marry.

Altani Unegen eventually felt a calling to travel. Inspired by the travels and accounts of Rabban Bar Sauma, a Nestorian Christian who traveled and acted as an ambassador to Europe for the Mongols who had died in 1294, Altani Unegen set out for Europe to see these lands for herself. She vowed to travel to the very ends of the Earth, unlike Bar Sauma. This led her into the new lands of England and later Ireland where she was finally tamed by a Gallowglass mercenary. She and the mercenary, Lord Padraig Tomasswn married and she decided to leave what she found of the Isles as a mystery for her people, never returning home and settling in Ireland with her husband.

Altani Unegen has many interests but is intrigued with the heraldry of her new home. She currently serves as the Shire of Derenehealde’s herald. Altani Unegen is also very interested in sharing hats of her people (especially the boghtaq) and maintains still a large collection of silks she had brought with her from her lands. Altani Unegen is also interested in illumination, archery (which goes without saying for any Mongol, of course), and several things that she has yet to try due to her busy schedule as she receives an education to help her adapt and thrive in her new home.