Wilhelm Salzburger


Herr Wilhelm is an early 15th century citizen of the Holy Roman Empire, having grown up in Salzburg, who now finds himself residing in the Southeast of France with his beloved Lady, Dorian d’Dernehealde. Often known as The Local Scribe, Wilhelm can mostly be found painting and drawing out his next plans, but can sometimes be found armoring up and practicing with sword and shield, or concocting another Grand Idea he will probably never finish. His creativity keeps him busy! He also has a love of music but can not read it to save his life, but this has not stopped him from performing in the Royal Ensemble, though this has decreased his opportunities to dance, which he also loves. He is a part of the household known as Clan Blackthorn, headed by Dernehealde Alumni Isobel Muireand Andres Joyce. Wilhelm is currently serving as Baronial Signet and Deputy Baronial Minister of Arts and Sciences. He has formerly served as Dernehealde’s Minister of Arts and Sciences.