Archery/Thrown Cancelled for 9/11

Due to rain, archery and thrown are cancelled for Thursday 9/11

-Mikael ibn Mehlem al Uqlidsi

Derneherald Summer 2014 published!

The Summer 2014 Derneherald has been published and can now be accessed from the repository.

Summer Meetings

Meeting Time: 7pm with Fighters gathering around 6:30pm for early practice.

Athens Streetmap - Southside ParkSouthside Park is located off of Richland Avenue, on Dairy Lane. Looking at the map above, if you are following US-33 to Route 682 exit, simply follow the roundabout until you can exit onto Richland Ave. and then make the first right, this is Dairy Lane. There is a sign for the Dairy Barn Arts Center. The parking lot for the first shelter house (seen from Richland Avenue) is the first right on Dairy Lane.


NO MEETINGS DURING PENNSIC! i.e. no meetings on July 29th or August 5th.