Summer Meetings

Meeting Time: 7pm with Fighters gathering around 6:30pm for early practice.

Athens Streetmap - Southside ParkSouthside Park is located off of Richland Avenue, on Dairy Lane. Looking at the map above, if you are following US-33 to Route 682 exit, simply follow the roundabout until you can exit onto Richland Ave. and then make the first right, this is Dairy Lane. There is a sign for the Dairy Barn Arts Center. The parking lot for the first shelter house (seen from Richland Avenue) is the first right on Dairy Lane.


NO MEETINGS DURING PENNSIC! i.e. no meetings on July 29th or August 5th.

Derneherald Spring 2014 Published!

The Spring 2014 Derneherald has been published and can now be accessed from the repository.

Spring Meetings

Here are the rooms, times, and dates for meetings that I have booked for next semester. We can do dance meetings as well if people are interested.
The room for meetings is Grover E205 (Note: This is not the same room but next to it right at the top of the stairs.)
Meetings start January 14th and end April 22nd. We will have the room from 7:00PM until 10:00PM.
There is a spring break where we do not have the room on March 4th. Pending on weather, maybe we can work something else out for that week.
Fight practices are in Morton 201, as usual during the usual day and time starting January 18th through April 20th.
I have also scheduled the craft meetings as the first Wednesdays and third Thursdays, as requested. The dates for those are January 16th, Feb 5th, Feb 20th, March 20th, April 2nd, and April 17th. They will be in the same room as meetings (Grover E205) and same time (7PM-10PM).
I look forward to seeing everyone next semester and look forward to hopefully seeing us come up with more fun activities as the weather warms!

Yours in Service,
Altani Unegen