Pennsic Disability Services


The Pennsic XXX staff welcomes the participation of those with disabilities. That being said, it is important to remember that Coopers Lake during Pennsic is not an open public site, it is the site of a private club function. As such there are no guaranteed protections or services for persons with disabilities under the ADA or any other law.

However, reasonable attempts will be made to honor and fulfill any requests for basic accommodations and services which will make the Pennsic experience a good one for everyone. Services such as parking, camping space, and motorized wheelchair recharging will be made available through this office. I would also like to pursue coordinating sign language interpreting at classes and courts for the hearing impaired and am considering the possibility of Audio Description for the visually impaired. These last two are new ideas and may take some time to develop. Please contact the Disability Services Office if you are interested in making them happen, or if you have need of either service.

Registered, accredited Assistance animals are allowed on site during Pennsic XXX. Verification of training, including a picture ID (of the dog and the handler together) from an accredited school, along with verification of current rabies vaccination and registration must be sent to the Disability Coordinator prior to July 1, 2001.

At this time there are two areas available for disabled camping during Pennsic. To guarantee a space SUFFICIENT FOR YOURSELF AND THOSE WHO STAY IN YOUR TENT in one of these areas, you must register with Disabled Services prior to June 15, 2001 in addition to pre-registering for the event with the Coopers. To register please send your request, and an SASE, including your modern and SCA names, address, telephone number and a brief description of the functional limitations that necessitate accommodation. Please remember that Pennsic is a primitive tent camping event. There are no accommodations for RV’s, motor homes, or trailer campers.

Should you have need to use such vehicles, there are several excellent campgrounds nearby that come complete with sanitation and utility hook-ups. Local hotels can also be an option. Please pursue these avenues and attend Pennsic as a commuter if you absolutely cannot camp in a tent.

Anyone requiring parking accommodations should send a request, with a SASE, to the Disability Coordinator prior to July 1, 2001. The request should include your modern and SCA names, address, telephone number and a copy of your state issued permit. You will receive your permit with your pre-registration packet at Troll.


The Pennsic specific disabled parking permit gives you permission to park in the disabled parking areas only. It does NOT give you permission to park in your encampment, along the roadsides or anywhere else other than the designated parking areas.

The Disability Services Office will make every effort to honor requests for services. Registration with the office prior to July 1 ensures that the Coordinator has ample time to plan for your needs. Disabled Services will keep regular hours throughout Pennsic at Information Point to deal with issues as they arise. Sudden, temporary disabilities and the resulting needs will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Feel free to contact the Disability Coordinator.

However should you need to wait until you arrive on site to request parking, camping or to register your service animal, PLEASE NOTE, all documentation stated above will still be required, as will a visit to Disability Services. Without proper identification and verifications, your dog will be sent home. Without a copy of your state disabled parking permit, you will not be granted a Pennsic specific disabled parking permit. Without prior notice of your camping space needs, you will not be guaranteed space in disabled camping areas.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Disability Coordinator Lady Lisette de l’abbe St. Tronde mka Elizabeth Labbe-Webb at 6726 Axtel Drive, Canal Winchester, OH 43110, (614) 833-6085 Mon.-Thurs. 10am -5pm,