Middle Kingdom Disabilities Office


Deputy Seneschal for the Middle Kingdom Disabilities Office
Lord Keidale Seasonbringer,APF
Christopher L Denny
129 Woodridge Drive

Regional Deputies for the Middle Kingdom Disabilities Office

South Oaken
Lord Liam O'Shea
Bill Kenton
2731 Mellowbrook Ct.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45239

North Oaken
Baroness Seraphina Aglaia
Amber Rutz
728 1/2 Plymouth Sreet
(419) 693-1828

Baron Sir David deKunstenaar
David Winkle
220 South Adelaide
Normal, IL 61761
(309) 454-4570


Lady Anna Donnelly
Leann Stafsholt
12479 Van Horn Rd
Floodwood, MN 55736
ph#: (218) 476-2561
cell#: (218) 929-3482
Yahoo Messenger: Anna_Donnelly

Pentamere open No phone calls please after 9pm local time

Duties of the Office of the Deputy Seneschal

1.To encourage all event sites to be ADA approved.
2.To Coordinate services and resources between members
of the populace with disabilities and autocrat staff of events, upon request.
3.To connect those who need special services with those who can provide them.
4.To incorporate new ways to make reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities.
5.Keep updated list of services for the Kingdom.
6.To investigate complaints about site accessibility or injury of a gentle due to site

Services of this Kingdom Office will provide if available:
1.Make a hands on determination of site accessibility of a proposed site,
provide a recommendation checklist for all autocrats requesting.
2.A Silent Herald to sign for deaf gentles at events
upon request.
3.If so desired, a Page can be provided to assist disabled gentles at events.

Duties of the Regional Disabilities Office:
1.To act as liason for the Disabilities Office in
other Baronies/shires or cantons of the Middle Kingdom.
2.To provide assistance for gentles with disablties at events upon request of the autocrat
and/or their staff(Hotel information,site information)
3.To report to the Kingdom Office information concerning problems arising from diffculties
gentle(s)may have or injuries.
4.Keep updated listings of services in their area.
5.Provide local branch Seneschal's information on site compliance.

Silent Heralds

Shawn Presley
4616 Pine Street Apt#304
Chattanooga,Tn 37421

Krysta Sutterfield

Angela Speckman
1377 South First Street
Louisville,Ky 40208

Silent Heralds are those who can translate in American Sign Language and sign developed for the SCA.These good gentles give there time at events to help those who are deaf or hearing impaired.


This program will have volunteers who are attending local events be there to assist a disabled gentle with whatever services are required.All details will be worked out between both gentles. *This is a brand new project,there are no pages at this time.Please check back for updates*