Disabilities Survey Questionnaire

The answer to the questions below will be used as a guideline in the creation of a "Special Needs Planning" handbook for Event Stewards. Please add as much information as possible to each answer. Personal information such as your name and email address will be kept in the strictest confidence. Your answers will be collated, added to all of the other replies that are submitted and a summary of the results, in the form of a handbook, will be posted on this web site in hopes of making progress to ensure a better, more accessible Society for everyone.

Some information about you:

  1. Your Name:
    Your Email:
  2. Are you a personally Handicapped?

    - Yes , - No

    What problems do you encounter most at events?
    What limitations do you have, if any, that make going to events difficult for you?
    If the event is outdoors, do your physical limitations keep you from enjoying certain aspects of the event? (If the answer is "Yes", please list in detail.)
    For wheelchair-using gentles, do you have frequent troubles getting through doorways?
    Do event stewards provide enough assistance that you can reasonably enjoy the event?
    At an outdoor event, can you reasonably get around without requiring constant assistance?
    Are there enough handicap-accessible bathrooms at outdoor events?
    Can you get around at Merchants Row?
    How easily can you get to your table at feast?
    Is there enough space that a wheelchair can get around at feast?
    If you require medicines at events, is there some place for you to keep it?
    Can you get to your medicine without problems? (If "No", please list the problems you have had.)
    At an event, how much and what sort of assistance needs to be provided for disableds? (Please list as many as possible.)
    What would you define as 'assistance'?
    What can you do to help event staffers understand what is needed for you to get around at an event?