HandideviceThe Middle Kingdom Office of the Disabled is a first of it's kind for the Middle Kingdom. It is third, of only three, Kingdom offices in the SCA Inc.

It was initiated by a conversation started on the Middle Kingdom discussion list, the Middlebridge concerning any activities directed toward disabled adults and children.

The goals of this office are to provide as much assistance as possible to see that more event sites are accessible for disabled gentles wanting to go to an event, and to provide the populace with as much information as possible on what disabilities are and how many gentles live with them everyday.

This website contains recommendations for Autocrats to follow in making a site accessible,links to the ADA for legal information, an online form to fill out for site accessibility,and other useful and educating tools.
It is built somewhat plain to make text to speech programs easier to use when going through the site.

As the creator of the Middle Kingdom Disabilities Home Page and the Office of the Disabled, I hope you will find this site useful in promoting education and providing the joy of service to the dream.

Lord Keidale