Shire Officers


The Seneschal is the head of the Shire.
Baron Sven Hardarda (mka Steve McCauley)
sven 1066 [At]yahoo {dot} com
3037 Tulip Tarce
Lexington, KY 40503

Heavy Weapons Marshal

Marshals are fighters warranted in a particular discipline who can officiate tourneys and lead fight practices. Dragonsmark has a heavy weapons Marshal, but unfortunately no rapier, archery, or thrown weapons marshals.
Aelric called Cato (mka, Bill Thomas)
runswithstick [at] yahoo {dot} com
3464 Sutherland Drive
lexington, KY 40517

Herald (Pursuivant)

Heralds are knowledgeable in, you guessed it, heraldry. Heralds help members create period personal devices and communicate with the Kingdom and Society Heralds. When events are held locally, the shire herald may act as a crier or court herald to distribute information and aid the Crown.
THL Brianne of Greenlea (mka Brenda Evans)
ejack a mack [AT] aol [dot] com

Arts & Sciences Minister

A&S Ministers oversee the creative activity of local members. If you need help learning how to do something or where to get the materials to create period things, the A&S minister can either help you directly or knows someone who can.
Master Arnulf Ullrson (mka, Brian Del Castello)
veggie boy 710 [at] yahoo {dot} com


Exchequers manage the Shire accounts. To put on events and keep loaner items money is required, and the Exchequer makes sure we don’t spend it all or skimp when we have plenty.
Lord Edmund Von Atzinger (Christopher Greenway)
cr greenw ay [at] g mail {DOT} com


Chatelaines are here to welcome new comers and show them around. If you’re new, or even if you’ve been around the Society before but have drifted away, the Chatelaine can introduce you around and bring you into the fold!
ACTING: Baroness Sybella of Dragonsmark and THL Brianne of Greenlea (mka, Hope Hoover & Brenda Evans)
hopehoover {at} windstream {DOT} net
ejack a mack [at] aol {DOT} com


The Webminister manages the web presence of the Shire.
Baroness Sybella of Dragonsmark (mka Hope Hoover)
hopehoover [at] windstream {DOT} net

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