This year we have 3 classrooms available, so don’t be shy about signing up to teach classes! Classes start at noon and will close by 4pm.
Please contact Baroness Sybella of Dragonsmark if you are interested in teaching a class.

There will also be an A&S display table, and a prize at the end of the day for the most popular display.

Class schedule

Classroom #1
12:00 Noon to 1:30 pm–Baroness Sybella will teach a class on 14th century bar and Ivy illumination.

2pm: to 3 PM–Lord Mikhail teaches an intro class to Beekeeping. This is the class to take before you ever get your first bee.

Classroom #2
12 noon to 1pm– Lady Mary Thomas and Lady Emer von Atzinger will teach Naalbinding to beginners.

1 PM to 2pm–Lady Mary Thomas and Lady Emer von Atzinger teach a follow-up intermediate Naalbinding class.

Classroom #3
12 noon to 1pm–Baroness Camilla de la Reynard will teach an Overview of 16th Century Handknitted Artifacts

*More classes to be announced*

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