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We will be hosting the Baronial A&S Championship this year. Please take note of the criteria.

Classes MOY Baronial A&S Championship

11am Basic embroideryborder and outline stitches - Elena Khitraia Anton'eva Doch

2pm Porcini- Making Russian wrap shoes - Lady Thomasette de Harfleur

metal embossing, mosaics, faux stained glass, tabletop banners and heraldry fun and games
A&S Champion Rules

We would ask that those wishing to be Our A&S champion please bring 3 entries from 3 of the A&S faire divisions with basic documentation.  Information on the A&S divisions can be found on the A&S Portion on the Middle Kingdom website.
The projects/research should have been completed in the last year.  If possible We would ask that one of the entries be something that supports the fighting arts, i.e. a jupon, banners, arming coif, leather or metal work for armor, scrolls/scroll blanks for fighting awards, arrows, a fencing cloak etc.  As this missive comes with not much notice this is not a requirement for this year, but it
will be expected for next year’s potential champions

We would also request that if Our A&S champion is attending Pennsic that they try to either teach a class, have an item for display at the known world A&S display or do a volunteer shift at A&S point or Pennsic University..

Elena Khitraia Anton'eva Doch
(Tami Meyers)


 Lady Thomasette de Harfleur


Bardic Expo is an opportunity to share Bardic talents in a non competitive setting.

1pm Music any form of musical talent vocal, instrumental, dance etc. Performance should be of a period nature or specific to SCA

2pm. Children/Parent This session is for the youth 15 and under to display their talents. May perform in any form of the bardic arts.
For those youth who may need or want help from parents Ok as long as youth is main performer.

3pm oral performances This session will feature orations, poetry, stories etc. As with the musical session performances should be period,
in a period style or SCA specific.

A unique feature this year will be hosted by the Unknown Bard during this session. The best story as judged by the Unknown Bard
concerning his good friend Istvan Valkai, real or imagined, will receive a gift from the Unknown Bard.

As in the past I am looking for a Patron/s to host each session. A patrons responsibility will be to introduce
each participant and provide them with a small token to mark their participation.

The populace is encouraged to attend each session and enjoy the bardic talent. Any one so wishing, may present a
small token to those performers whose performance they enjoyed.

Any questions or to become a Patron contact Istvan Valkai




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