The Canton of Dun Traigh invites you to celebrate the coming of autumn.
Saturday November 1st, 2014, 10am - 9pm

The Charles D. Hammond Fraternal Order of Police Lodge, 3051 W Lake Rd, Twin Lakes, MI 49457
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Main Event Information

Attendance fee: Adult Non-Member: $13, Adult SCA Member: $8, Child 6-12: $4, Child under 5: free

Children accompanied by non-parental adults? Click here for requirements and forms. (click to

Bring non-perishable food donations for each person in your group and save! Adult Non-Member: $10, Adult SCA Member: $5, Child 6-12: $2.

Feast Ticket Price:, Adult: $10, Child: $5, Lap-sitters: Free
Send reservations to: Ahelissa de Lymington (Melissa Lyman) 5125 Cooley Rd Fruitport, MI 49415

Discretely wet event: alcohol is allowed, but we ask that modern containers are hidden and no one drinks to excess.

Event Steward: Soffeke Stoterogghen (Amy Urick), 616-644-5715

Join us for a Roman Feast!

First course:
Pita bread
Olive relish and feta cheese
Lucanice sausage

Second course:
Chicken in dill sauce
Peas in herb sauce
Lentil pottage
Carrots in cumin sauce

Third course:
Deep fried honey fritters

The Head Cook reserves the right to change this menu as needed. Contact Lady Merraede Brightmore (Jamie Kipp) with dietary concerns.

And a special surprise treat to celebrate the birthday of our Arts & Sciences Minister, Elena Khitraia Anton'eva Doch (Tami Meyers). You don't want to miss this!!!!!

Lunch Tavern

$5 Meal:

Norse-style boiled pork
Veggie pottage
Dessert (pumpkin-spice or apple muffins)
Drink (soda, hot apple cider, coffee, tea or hot cocoa)

All items available a la cart.
Dietary restrictions accommodated; send requests to Lady Soffeke Stoterogghen (Amy Urick)


Contact Soffeke Stoterogghen (Amy Urick)

Armored Combat

Our Traditional Slavic Tourney

One bout each fought in the following styles: - Offhand sword/shield, Spear/buckler, Mass weapon (mace or axe)/buckler, Single sword
Ties will be determined by Rock/Paper/Scissors (sorry, no lizard or Spock)

Contact Unnr Sjaebornirsdottir (Leslie Collier) or Thegn Edward Aelredson (Ed Roehre)

Rapier Combat

Rapier Activities

10:30 - Inspections
11:00 Authorizations/Tourney #1
12:00 Dread Pirate Tourney
1:00 - Break
1:30 Tourney #2
2:30 Tourney #3
Time's subject to alteration.

1. Slav Single Sword Round Robin
The Slavs loved saber, we will celebrate the saber with Single Sword Round Robin when only CUTs kill, thrusts will be ignored.
This will be a 3 pass round robin, record each win as the total wins determine the victor. Double kills, no point for either.

2. Brains/Brawn/Luck Round Robin
This tournament will be 3 parts, each part will be a 3 pass round robin, record each win as the total wins determine the victor
Part One-Brain: Answer 3 questions from Baroness Alaina Slavic Trivial Pursuit. Hints may be given if you ask nice enough. Each correct answer is worth one point.
Part Two-Braun: 3 pass round robin. Double kills, no point for either.
Part Three-Luck: 3 rolls of dice round robin. High dice roll to win. Doubles, no point for both.

3. Rapier hide and seek.
Fighters will form two teams:
Team 1 will hide the marker (be good and try to make it clear where it is)
Team 2 will must find the marker and return it to the Res point without being "killed" by team 1.
Victory: Team 1, prevent the marker being returned. Team 2, return the marker

Contact : Baron Alexander Blackram (Paul Phillips)


Archery is weather permitting.
Range opens at 11 am.
Open shooting all day.
Scarecrow shoot 1pm - 3:30pm
Youth pumpkin shoot 1pm - 2pm
Range closes at 3:30pm

Contact: Baroness GenRose (Patresha Roehre)

Arts and Sciences


11am - Silk Painting Basics, Part 1 by The Honorable Lady Helena Sibylla - This class will give you an introduction to the skills and techniques needed to make your own silk pennants, banners, or hangings. Fee: $3. Limit: 12 hands-on participants. Duration: 2 total hours.

1pm - Silk Painting Basics, Part 2

2pm - Russian Wrap Shoes by Lady Thomasette de Harfleur

3pm - Introduction to Brickwork Embroidery by The Honorable Lady Helena Sibylla - Learn a fun and easy 14th century embroidery stitch that lets you make a wide variety of patterns and designs. Fee: $3. Limit: 10 hands-on participants. Duration: 1 hour.

Youth Activities

Kids' Activities:

10am - 11am, Magic Dye Pot: Youth and adults can dye fabric with natural dyes.
11am - 12pm, Copper Rings: Out comes the anvil! Youth can learn to make their own copper rings.
1pm - 2pm, Harvest Hunt: Pumpkin archery shoot and scavenger hunt.
2pm - 4pm, Tafle Tournament: Youth will learn about ancient board games and play them to win prizes.

Youth activities organized by Lady Morgan Wynn de Byrd (Windi Sievers).

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