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Classes MOY

11 am: Beaded veil - HE Alaina Blackram

Quick and easy way to spiff up your outfit for very little money.  Its remarkable how just a little beading can tame a veil outside in the wind.  This is a make and take class teaching the seed beading edging of a veil (or cup cover if you are hesitant doing a whole veil) to make the veil behave and give you a more stylish edge.  I have 4 veils with serged edge available for kits.  I also have many cup cover size as well so you can practice on what beading style and colour combos.  Colour handout available

1-2 pm : Introduction to Glass Bead Making - Lady Thomasette de Harfleur

2-3 pm : Advanced Glass Bead Making Techniques - Lady Thomasette de Harfleur




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