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Armoured Combat Rapier Combat

This year's combat shall be a Slavic single hand weapon tourney

10:30-11:30 List opens - Inspections and Authorizations

11:30-12:30 Break


All weapons listed are to be single hand only:

Round one: Short (6ft or under) spear/buckler

Round two: Choice between Axe/Shield or Mace/Shield

Round three: off-hand single sword

  Ties will first be with Dagger/Buckler, if there are still ties then Sword/Shield


10:30 - Inspections
11:00 - Authorizations
11:45/12 – Tourney #1
1:00 - Break
1:30 – Tourney #2
Time's subject for alteration.


1. Slav Single Sword Round Robin
-The Slavs loved saber, we will celebrate the saber with Single Sword Round Robin when only CUTs kill, thrusts will be ignored.

2. Slav vs Mongol Melee
Slavs-Noted for the use of small shields in combat, fighters knew to ambush and use terrain well
Mongols-Noted for the use of use of bows in combat, knew to siege a city well

Fighters will form two teams:

Slavs-Sword and shield
Mongols-Sword and beanbag "arrows"

Shield will be proof against arrows.
Only one arrow can be fired a time (no throwing all your arrows at once).

1. Open field battle (both sides meet on field)
2. When Mongols attack! (Slavs have to defend a static position)

3. Sneaking Slavs! (Slavs lay in wait and attacked a Mongol war party)

Lord Vladislav Dragomir




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